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Given that we relocate from location to place typically, it is hard for our relatives, vendors as well as close friends to monitor where to reach us. We as a result need ONE “virtual phone number” suggesting that whenever someone utilizes this number, we can be reached any place we happen to be around the globe. In our instance, given that we desire a local telephone number for most of our family members and good friends, we have actually picked a Montreal (514 location code) contact number for our “online phone number”.

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Not having hardwired phone lines as well as using Voice over IP (” VoIP”), such as Magic Jack And also, plus downloading the Magic Jack mobile app on our mobile phones is exactly what is required to achieve a “digital phone number” environment. The only demand is having access to high speed internet to link the Magic Jack And also tool with the phone mobile to, and/or having a WiFi connection for the mobile phone.


Lastly, this strategy eliminates the demand for traditional land line telephone systems services, sets you back a fraction of land line prices, and also very little expenses for long distance (USA & Canada phone calls are FREE with Magic Jack And Also) and for worldwide calling which sets you back pennies. Costs are thorough later.

In our situation we have:

  • A regional Magic Jack Plus Montreal (Canada) contact number (Location code 514), to make sure that our Montreal location youngsters, pals, relatives and distributors are able to call us, without long distances charges, were ever we are around the world.
  • A neighborhood Magic Jack Plus Fort Lauderdale (FL-USA) phone number (Location code 954), so that our Florida suppliers, family members as well as good friends have the ability to call us, without cross countries costs, were ever we are around the world.
  • A local Freeport, Bahamas contact number, for our Bahamas needs.
  • ” Pay as you go/Prepaid” Cellphone solutions in Montreal, Fort Lauderdale, Freeport and also anywhere else we travel. A SIM card for every location.
  • High speed cord internet solutions in Freeport and also Montreal, where we pass the majority of our time, for web service and to link the Magic Jack And also tools to.
  • High speed mobile web gain access to, making use of a WiFi 4G LTE Hotspot, in Florida, Austin, Europe as well as everywhere else we take a trip.
  • Our last hope for Wi-fi is utilizing “Tethering” or “FoxFi Hotspot” on our smart phones, as explained in various other short articles.

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Booting Up MagicJack And Also

Prior to using MagicJack Plus, you should initialize it, open a MagicJack account and get a contact number. Most likely to the MagicJack website at: http://www.magicjack.com/plus-v05/ to start. Click on home window “1” under “Installs in 2 very easy steps”, plug MagicJack Plus in a USB port on your computer and also adhere to the guidelines.

When you open your account, MagicJack will use you various choices: pay for 5 years of solution at a price of $99.75, select an U.S.A telephone number for $10, or a Canadian telephone number for $20 initially and also $10 annually thereafter … Back then, you will certainly pay for the alternatives you have chosen.

As soon as the initialization finished, plug your MagicJack And also in an electrical outlet and attach an Ethernet cable and a telephone wire to start utilizing it. When you travel, bring MagicJack Plus with you and plug it in the same way. You will certainly then open an account with a MagicJack “Username” (generally your e-mail address) and also the “Password” you enter. Keep this information for future use.

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If you intend to change alternatives on your MagicJack Plus account thereafter, go to “Login” at https://web05.magicjack.com/my/login.html enter your “Username” and “Password”. There you could enable or disable the automatic revival of your account or acquire minutes for cross country contacts us to countries other than Canada and also the USA.

As soon as you have actually installed the Magic Jack And also solution using a computer, you ought to download the FREE Magic Jack mobile App on your Apple or Android mobile phone and tablet computer. Go to “Account” to change or include alternatives.

After you authorize in for the service with your Magic Jack account username and also password, each time you obtain a phone call, if your mobile is attached to WiFi, the phone call will certainly also call on your mobile in addition to your Magic Jack Plus phone at no cost.


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